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Covered Stands

Covered Stands

Do you only provide the stands? Do we have to hire a company to do the installation?

No. Stadium Solutions services are available from design, demolition, manufacture to construction of your entire project. There is no need to hire anyone else.

Will some fans have obstructed views?

No. All our Covered Stands are designed to give spectators uninhibited pitch views, wherever they may be standing or sitting. Our special cantilevered roof design means there are no pillars or posts obstructing spectators’ views.

We only need a small covered stand to start with. Can this be extended this in the future?

Yes. All our products are modular, which means they can easily be expanded in the future, if your club or fan base grows. This means you can start small. At Stadium Solutions we understand that budget is just as important design, so let our designers find a design that best suits your needs, as well as budget.