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General questions

General questions

Can you provide drawings for us in the planning stages?

Yes we offer a professional draughtsman service and can provide drawings and layout to assist with planning control (subject to conditions). Our design drawings are constructed in a 3D modelling environment using the latest software.

What will the finish be on our new stand?

Our heavy duty (larger) stands are fully galvanised. Our lightweight range can be either galvanised, for low maintenance, or powder coated in a colour of your choice. Balustrades, crush barriers and handrails are powder coated. We sheet using metal Plastisol sheeting available in a range of colours. All our stands are built to last.

Can we add extra items to our stand?

There are numerous additional products we supply that you can incorporate into your stand as required. These include:

Disabled areas

Security mesh to keep the stand secure, for instance if your ground is part of a public area


Clear polycarbonate ends

Padded seats

Directors areas

Bigger fascias for advertising boards

Press areas

Seat numbers

Choice of colours for tip-up seats and sheeting

Speak to us so we can help you design your stand to match your vision.

How will I know a new stand will fit?

We can custom design bespoke stands to fit the space that you have. Site visits are helpful for us to look at a ground and discuss the best options with you. When quoting we always include the stand dimensions so you can assess whether the footprint is suitable, or whether we need to tailor certain elements to make it fit. There is always a solution!

If we buy a stand now, can it be extended in the future?

Yes, all our stands are built in a modular design and are easily extended or moved. Start small and let your stand grow with your club.

How will you erect a new stand at our ground when we have no vehicular access to our pitch?

This is not a problem for us, because as long as we can walk to where you want your stand to go, we can erect where you need us to. Our stands are delivered in piece-by-piece sections and at many smaller grounds we carry the stand to its position and have no need for lorries or cranes churning up your pitch.

What do we need to do to prepare for the installation?

All we need the club to do before we come to erect is have a concrete base ready for us to fix to. We provide the specification for the base in advance.

We don't require power as our installation team can run generators for use during the build.

Can you refurbish existing stands?

Yes there are options available for refurbishing. We can supply new tip-up seats for your stand to give it a revamp, we can re-sheet existing stands, alter and re-new terracing, and also change standing terracing into seated accommodation. Contact us to find out what can be done with your facilities.