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Seated Stands FAQ

Seated Stands FAQ

What happens to our stands if we have to move or change the layout of our venue?

Our Seated Stands can be dismantled and moved, either to a new position or a different ground if your club moves and/or expands. Extensions and new modules can easily be added to the ends of existing Seated Stands. This means you can start small and build up, if necessary

Will our pitch be damaged during the installation?

No. Our stands are delivered to your site in sections. This means that we can walk the stand into position, without the need for cranes or heavy vehicles that may damage your pitch. This is especially advantageous if access to your site is limited or narrow or we are adding facilities to existing structures

Do your stands meet the Green Guide to Safety Standards?

Yes. The rise and going of the treads for our Seated Stands are designed in line with the Green Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds Standards, ensuring safety and comfortable leg room in all seats