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Terraced Stands FAQ

Terraced Stands FAQ

Are Terraced Stands only for football venues?

No. Terraced Stands can be used for a variety of sporting venues, not just football clubs. Stadium Solutions has worked with many different sports clubs, such as rugby and hockey. Terraced Stands are a good entry-level option for smaller clubs or clubs with budget constraints. In fact, all our stand products can be used for any type of sporting venue.

Do the Terraced Stand meet the Green Guide to Safety Standards?

Regardless of what type of sports stand you choose; we strictly follow the Green Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds standards in our designs. This is to ensure safe viewing conditions for both spectators and players.

We are not sure if we should get seated stands or terraced stands – can you help us?

Yes. We work hand-in-hand with our customers from start to finish. We can advise you what stand product will best suit your needs and your budget. Let our in-house designers help you design the most suitable stand for your venue.