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Ground Gradings

The Premiership and the Football League have set their own criteria for clubs to ensure that grounds fulfil a certain criteria such as minimum spectator capacities and pitch perimeter barriers.

For the Conference and below, these criteria are set by the FA who have worked in consultation with leagues in the National League System to produce a standardised National Ground Grading Document covering ground grading requirements as a club progresses at each 'step' of the National League System. 

There are presently nine football ground grades:

Please click on the link below to download the grade you require information on:

National ground grading Category A

(Appropriate to NLS Step 1 - National League)

National Ground Grading - Category B 

(Appropriate to NLS Step 2 – National League North and South

National Ground Grading - Category - C 

(Appropriate to NLS Step 3) 

National Ground Grading - Category - D 

(To maintain its position at Step 4 a club must achieve Grade D by March 31st in its second season after promotion) 

National Ground Grading - Category E  

(To maintain its position at Step 4 a club must achieve Grade E by March 31st in its first season after promotion but to be eligible for promotion to Step 3 it must achieve Grade D by this date) 

National Ground Grading -Category F  

(Appropriate to NLS Step 5

National Ground Grading -Category G  

(Appropriate to NLS Step 6

Please note that ultimately a club is responsible for checking what they need to meet their grading as other factors can sometimes come into play.

For more information, please contact us on 01273 835 738 or fill out our Make an enquiry and we will be happy to provide you with the best solutions to meet your ground upgrade.

Ground Gradings