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Worcestershire FA

We're safe in the knowledge that our stands are both top quality and futureproof, and spend much of our time saying so, but sometimes it takes a previous bad buy to point clients in our direction and find out for themselves. Our customer Worcestershire FA had already invested in a stand which unfortunately let them down in terms of quality and endurance quite quickly, so were looking for a guarantee that if they opted for a Stadium Solutions stand it would look amazing and last the test of time. After discussing their requirements with them and explaining in detail how the design and materials we use are not comparable to their earlier structure, they went ahead with a 100 seated stand for their facility which supports and regulates football for over 300 clubs and 20,000 players in the county. This 4 row design can easily be extended in the future and will no doubt get many years of use - a great asset to be proud that will never let them down. We are blown away by their positive feedback and just can't help but share it!

Worcestershire FA

"We are so pleased with the stand and have received loads of compliments - we wish we had used Stadium Solutions for the earlier stand, as yours is much better quality and looks so much better! It was definitely easier to install and it may have been just marginally more expensive but it was certainly worth it. I'd also like to add that you provide great service and great communication - you certainly went the extra mile to help us so a big thank you to you and the team. It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with you and I will definitely recommend anyone looking for a similar stand to contact you".

Nichola Trigg, Chief Executive Officer, Worcestershire FA

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100 seated modular stand in 4 rows

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