A dugout, subs bench or team shelter is an integral part of a sports stadium designed to keep players covered, comfortable and dry as well as allowing team personnel to be close enough to communicate with them.

At Stadium Solutions we can supply dugouts for any major sport as well as pitch surface. All our dugouts are built to the highest standards using durable, weather-resistant materials.

Seats can be bench or tip-up seating. Both seats and dugouts can be supplied in club or team colours.

Our standard dugout design is for 8 people but can be extended in modular units of 4, to increase to 12 people or more.

All our dugouts are supplied with or without wheels, so they can be stored and wheeled on to your pitch when needed, or alternatively fixed to a concrete base. The wheels are a very useful addition if your pitch is in a public area and provide full portability. The wheels can easily be removed for when the dugout is static.

Our dugouts have a very sturdy, robust design offering all round visibility and excellent pitch views through the clear polycarbonate curved sheet. This is UV resistant to prevent yellowing and stronger than Perspex.

Please look at the Dug Out section on our Portfolio page where you will see examples of this heavy duty dugout in dark green metal sheeting as well as examples of our other dugouts.

For more information or a quote, please contact us on 01273 835 738 or fill out our contact form with details of your specific enquiry.