Ground Upgrades

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The lightweight spectator stand products we offer are modular, which means that you can start small and expand later if needed. This is a great option if you have a limited budget or your club is just getting started. Our allows you to grow and increase capacity as your club grows, or as your budget increases. We will be at your side throughout the ground upgrade, from design to completion.

Football ground improvements and stadia improvements can take different forms and don't need to be a big burden on your budget. You can add or expand existing structures such as adding stands or terraces, turnstiles or dugouts. We can fit fresh new seats into existing structures, re concrete worn terracing or help you change the layout of your ground. 

Talk to our design and consultancy team and see how Stadium Solutions can help with your ground upgrades and help make your vision a reality.

Many of our products are moveable, which means they can grow with your club or can even be moved to a new location if your club relocates. This provides great flexibility in design and offers a cost effective solution.