One of Stadium Solutions’ strengths is our in-house manufacturing. Unlike some of our competitors, we use our own manufacturing facility to manufacture all our products. This means that we can oversee every stage of manufacture and ensure the highest level of quality.  It also allows us flexibility in manufacturing scheduling, enabling us to work with you to meet specific delivery deadlines.

Our manufacturing facility is located adjacent to our offices, making it easily accessible to customers and designers. For those who are interested, we would be happy to arrange a tour of our manufacturing facilities. At Stadium Solutions, we are very proud of our highly skilled workforce, excelling in specialised steel fabrication. Our manufacturing facility is modern and fully-equipped to handle any size order. We proudly manufacture stands that are fully galvanised, which means no maintenance is required after installation. 

Stadium Solutions also has its own powder coating division on site, under the company name PJ’s Power Coating Ltd. This allows all the stands, turnstiles, dug outs and pitch barriers we manufacture to be powder coated in-house. We can match virtually any club colour to meet your specific needs.

Because the whole manufacturing process from steel fabrication to powder coating can be done in-house, we do not have to rely on third-parties for any part of the manufacturing process. This means that we firmly stand by our quality and on-time delivery.