Modular Stand Design

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One of the characteristics that differentiates us from other football stadium design companies is that we use a modular stand design. This means that all our lightweight stands are delivered in piece-by-piece sections, leaving your pitch or property perfectly intact. We often erect our stands at the end of a new stadium build because with everything piecemeal, not prefabricated, we don't need to go over your pitches at all.

For smaller grounds, we can carry the stands into position without using large vehicles or cranes. This modular design also means that the stands are easily extendable and moveable. If you need more capacity in the future, we can extend and add to your existing design at minimal cost. Also, it means that if you need to move your stands or your club moves to a different location, your stands can move with you.

Our dugouts are also designed in modules so can be built for 8, 12 or more people, making them a perfect solution whether your club is big or small.

So that you can visualise your project, we will provide detailed drawings and layouts for the entire project. Our design drawings are constructed in a 3-D modelling environment using the latest software. This makes it easy for you to visualise your project, try out different design options and make any necessary changes before construction begins. Our designers will be on-hand throughout the length of your project to create the perfect solution for you.

Modular Stand Design